Trustworthy, affectionate, amiable and compassionate. This is how our staff is described by the employers that have previously worked with us. Our company is renowned for the ability to help different companies, national and international, build their dreams by finding what they are looking for. With a multitude of professional individuals, who previously worked for pharmaceutical, Biotech and Device companies for at least 10 years, we will surely help you find what you need. We understand your needs, and surely help you find the best solution.

Founded in 2008, our company has had the chance to work with different people over the years and acquire an incomparable experience when it comes to testing someone’s abilities. Our unique way of testing people has made us a leading agency in this field. Employers continuously connect with us when they are in need of quality talent, relating pharmaceutical and Biotech industry.

There are various skills we seek when verifying employees, such as:

  • Their ability to meet critical project deadlines.
  • How they act under stress-load situations.
  • The ability to handle challenging projects.
  • Additional skills and experiences, etc.

Our specific aim is to stimulate growth for the companies that trust our employment agency. We do that not only by finding the best candidates for the job, but also by saving your precious time when it comes to finding a suitable employee, which in many cases can be time-wasting and even perilous.

So what will your company gain by working with us?

We ensure you to find the best, certified candidates, which you have been looking for. Highly qualified people which have gone through a special recruitment process. We offer flexibility and low fees, and everyone that is in need of a good employee, is welcomed to hire us to do the job.

So do not hesitate to contact our company, give us a call or write an email so we can assist you in the best way possible.

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