The difficulties and challenges on becoming a Pharmacist

Pharmacy is a very delicate sector of healthcare that deals with health and medical sciences. Just like every other profession, becoming a pharmacist has its difficulties. It requires a lot of reading, interaction with others, research, work ethics, and most important of all, it necessitates hard work and ultimate concentration over the years. Usually, a

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Pharmaceutical industry

Pharmaceutical industry and R&D productivity in 2017

Since the creation of the pharmaceutical industry, research and development (R&D) productivity has had the most important and critical function. But the industry leaders, in a research carried lately, put the lack of R&D productivity among their top concerns. In the coming years, the pharmaceutical industry will begin to change. The growth that it had

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Consequences of Overusing Antibiotics

Antibiotics are considered the keystone of modern medicine, but their excessive use continues to generate unwanted side effects. While specialists are making strides to preserve the effectiveness of antibiotics and to slow potential infections through better policy, the overuse of antibiotics continues to have severe health consequences for the U.S. and around the world. And

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Pharmacist helping

The Role of the Pharmacist for Helping Patients Who Self-prescribe

The rampant irrational self-prescription is causing enormous problems, one of them is antimicrobial resistance. This is the leading challenge in regard to self-medication. Although the adversity responsible self-medication can bring potential benefits to both individual level and community level. Pharmaceutical care is becoming important topic while the self-care culture continues to grow. The modern pharmacist

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Finding a Job as a Consultant

If you ever wanted to switch the career and remain in your field, consulting jobs could be the great solution as they can be available in almost every industry, with full-time or part-time. If you ever consider yourself to work in consulting you should need these tips. Consulting as we know are persons hired from

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